Thursday, May 31, 2012

all i have to do is dream?

i find myself today at a bit of an unsettling situation. i mean this whole idea of a purposeful life just seems like a wish fulfillment. i want to do so much, have the dreams and oh yes the aspirations but i don't know where to start? does that ever happen to others? i mean people say, all you can do is dream, dream big and you have half your goals achieved  . i'am doing the dreaming all right but the achieving? now that's the hard part. even in everyday situations, not just in major life decisions. for instance calling up a friend, i promised i'll call, made big plans will talk about such and such but i just haven't been able to make that call. i don't know why and whats stopping me. its not that im doing anything big or worthwhile? im just lazy... is it? lack the inspiration, is what i'd like to say. all i ever do is dream i guess?
where does this inspiration come from, to start and most importantly to continue. im really worried, this lack of ambition will lead me to empty unfinished dreams.
i'll start later, tomorrow,next week. the problem is im scared but i guess not enough to make a change and probably waiting for the inspiration is something which i'll always do, till its too late.
ok wait new dream? i dream that i'll follow up on my old dreams and gear up "excitedly" to follow them or atleast try?
wait do i see myself in a circle now?
i need a kick start... what ever goes on this blog, is the rule!!
i'll start off by calling that friend?get that long over due studying going on and mainly get a grip.
all i have to do is work now!


  1. i love it shaloma,it happen with me too..:)
    bt keep wont cost

  2. shaloma..??u back??
    how was ur trip?
    thnx following :)

  3. yup im back!! post holiday blues!!! :( <3 your blog!!